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PostSubject: Changes/Update   Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:48 pm

-Reduce drop rate by alot especially Arma minions.
-Make it so bosses have higher defense thus being harder to kill but have weaknesses which will allow you to do more damage. For example corp can be killed with the spawned starter gear when it shouldnt even be possible without a zammy spear. It should also hit alot harder.
-Add missing items/pets to the ::drops npc list.
-Ironman shops.
-Fix bludgeon model
-Rangecape to have ava's effect

Possible item idea: Ring of Donator - Has the same effect as the ring of wealth, purchaseable from the donator store for an amount of pkp or donator points. Every 100 kills with the ring wielded gives you a random item from the uncommon+ drops from items.

Will add as i go along
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